In 2001, just five years after establishing our firm in Los Angeles, we received a writeup in the Los Angeles Times (A Window on Their Collaborative World) in which author Morris Newman defined our work as follows:

“Although their projects do not display an obvious signature style, their designs are often characterized by a few decisive gestures and a delight in making elegant use of unlikely materials…”

Twenty-five years after we first opened our doors, the same is still true – but much about our style and our design philosophy has evolved. For the past year, we have been working with the brilliant minds at IN-FO.CO* to align our brand with the firm that we have become.

There are visible changes – a new logo, an archaic symbol in place of our trusted + sign, and the word “Architects” disappearing entirely from our name to acknowledge the many things we do (and strive to do) outside of Architecture – but at our core, we are the same: enthusiasts of art and design, craft and materiality who work synergistically to create compelling, poetic, intellectually intriguing environments.

*Special thanks to Michael Aberman, Shannon Harvey, and Anthony Warnick for their remarkable talent, expertise, patience and guidance throughout this process.